Finished Another Decathlon.

Finishing the fight. Just before I went down on the floor as well after the 1500m.

I finished the second decathlon in my life. =)

I’m really exhausted right now and with my exams this Tuesday and Wednesday, I’m won’t be able to give you a detailed update of my weekend yet.

If you’ve been following my tweets you would have seen that it was a struggle to just get through the two days. I had to dig deep several times, but I’m happy that this time, I finished the fight. No the scores are not good, but I didn’t give up when the going got tough and that was all that mattered to me.

Thank you everyone who showed their support for me in one way or another, I couldn’t have done it without you guys, knowing that you’re behind me in my journey.

And especially to the rest of the decathletes, whom helped me loads along the way through the two days. Saw some of the most amazing performances in my life,  as a spectator said to me earlier, I should be proud that I was part of this great event competing.

Do refer to the results page (scroll down to point 3 on the results page) for the full results of my dec. I promise to tell you more about it once I get through my 11th event, the final exams of my degree this week.

Cheers and have a good week ahead!

The Loughborough Decathlon Crew. England Athletics Combined Events Championships 2011.


  1. whee congrats! (:
    now go study!! omg. haha. if all else fails, BLINK! 😉

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