The Edge of Glory.

Should be enough energy drinks to get me through...

Setting off to Bedford later in the day for the England Athletics Combined Events Championships 2011 happening on the 4th and 5th of June. First event on day 1 starts at 10am BST (British Summer Time) and day 2 at 9.15am BST. Once again I will keep my twitter feed updated so do check back to see how I’m getting on through the competition!

Though it doesn’t help that my final exams start next Tuesday, and thanks to my lousy time management skills, there’s still loads of revision to be done. But I guess life’s like that, just because you’ve got something big to do doesn’t mean life’s gonna stop by and wait for you.

Regardless, this is the event that Max and myself have been training for through the year. We’ve put in the hard work, the hours and the miles, now all we got to do is to live in that moment and enjoy it.

My hamstring’s holding up well and general fitness wise I feel good. I’m not too sure what’s going to happen next, but hey, for all you know, I just might be on the edge of glory 😉

Have a good weekend ahead! =)

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