Testing out a remote control that I just got for my DSLR.

Well didn’t do much today and especially since I decided to take a day off to rest, I pretty much had loads of time on my hands to. Had a few hours of lectures and tutorials but that was pretty much it, should have spent a little more time studying for my exams but, oh well, not today.

I remember this story that I like to share with you, a tale about two brothers who grew up in a village.

Basically both of them spent their happy childhood leading the simple village life and spent most of their time doing the one thing that they absolutely loved, fishing.

As they grew older the elder brother started to become dissatisfied with his life and started to think about life beyond the village. He heard the great tales of wealth and opulence to be found in the cities and decided that he wanted to make his mark. So one day when he got old enough, he packed his bags and against his family’s advice decided to head to the city.

But life wasn’t quite what he imagined, work was hard to find and city life was expensive. Undeterred, he never gave up. He worked long hours on whatever odd job he could find and saved enough to start a small business of his own.

And to cut the long story short, he continued working relentlessly expanding his business and thanks to his determined work ethics he became very successful. Along the way also he married a nice young lass and started a family. He was able to afford the finest things for himself and his family, things that a village boy could have never imagined, but the one thing he was always not able to do, was to find enough time away from work to go fishing.

He continued his work tirelessly even as he got older, seeing his children through college and then eventually his beloved wife passed away.

He finally decided that he’s had enough and yearned for some rest. He realised just how old he got and thought about his youth. It was time to go home.

When he reached his home village, he went back to his favourite fishing spot and saw his younger brother there.

He sat down beside him and asked, “So how has it been for you all these while?”

The younger brother, now with grey hair and a wrinkled face, looked at him and replied, “Well I’ve been right here doing what I love the most, I’d say I had a wonderful life.”

The older brother smiled and both of them continued fishing.

So which brother had the better life? What do you think?

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