Just another hurdle hit…

Hitting them hard and keeping on going.

Well the video above was taken during the warm up. The hurdle was full height and put just 1 foot in. Managed to get over them consistently though I had troubles with my hamstring using blocks so I started without them. That itself is another step forward for me and so I was really looking forward to the race.

And then of course things don’t quite go according to plan. Listened to my coach’s advice and started off slow to build speed into the first hurdle, but somehow with the rest of the guys running beside me it just threw me off rhythm and I jumped the first one. Landed down hard on my left heel and was off balanced (with a twitch in my hips), so I bailed out and that was it. Contemplated for a moment after the race whether to go on but thanks to Jono’s encouragements I ice-ed it and decided to continue.

This was my first throw of 11.2 something. Got better after each round and finished with 11.6 something that I’m pleased with. Though the distance wasn’t quite close to my best, the form certainly felt good and I know what I should be doing.

So am I disappointed I didn’t manage to complete the race? Yes.

Am I happy that I man-ed up and tried? Hell Yeah.

Throughout the day and the night before I was mulling over it because my legs were feeling quite tight and sore from Monday. Plus I haven’t actually gotten over full height hurdles at competition distance or even at 1 foot in yet, so it was quite a long shot for me. But because I tried I now am that much more confident that I’ll be alright next weekend during the decathlon. I made it down the full distance over two hurdles just before the race and it would be the first time ever that I managed to do that.

I found the courage and I am going to keep going till the end.

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Taking the day off tomorrow to patch myself back into one piece before I go at it again.

Let’s do this.

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