LIA 2011 and stuff.

Watched Lougborough International Athletics meet yesterday and saw some brilliant performances from amazing athletes. Enjoy the photos above!

Two more weeks to my next decathlon and hopefully my hamstring’s back to 90-95% now. Will give it a go later at the track and find out over the hurdles.

These two weeks run up is not only just for my next dec, but also for my final undergrad exams, so do excuse me if my blog updates are shorter these few days.

I’ve gotten a call from the administrative office and they are offering me a conditional acceptance (2nd Upper result) for the masters program here in Loughborough. Well, time to put my thinking hat on and get down to some actual studying and ensure that this journey is not going to be cut short prematurely.

You gotta do what you gotta do. All the best to all of you guys out there who’s also having their exams. Summer beckons!

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