A little more progress..

4 hour session today… Hurdles, discus and finally after almost 8 months, pole vault.

Still need to sort out the running in-between the hurdles bit. Getting a lot more comfortable over the hurdles at full height now, but I’m still struggling to run off my lead leg when it lands, causing me to sink and over stride to reach the next hurdle.

Right, not vaulted in 8 months and paying the price of it. Well really need to work to just get the run in smooth and be at the right take off position. Not asking much, just want to get over 3m on this 180lb 13ft pole in two weeks time. The attempt above my take off foot was just way ahead of me and that’s what happens, simple physics.

Regardless, signed up for a local meet on wednesday for hurdles and shot. Should be exciting as it would my second full height hurdles race ever, just want to make it down in one piece and with 3 strides in-between hurdles hopefully!

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