Patching up.

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Just a quick update about my right hamstring that I’ve pulled.

It has gotten better since Sunday but I still feel general dull aching in that area. Physio reckons that it shouldn’t be too serious and I’ll be able to be back training fully in a week (though I might have troubles with hard acceleration stuff).

Back on a rehab program and it’s so tempting to be lazy. Gotta stay focus and do alternative exercises like going on the cross trainer or aqua jogging to stay fit in the mean time (not forgetting the loads of upper body stuff I can still do).

Been a couple of days since the decathlon and so the reality of me not finishing my first decathlon whilst officially representing Singapore at has sunken in.

But don’t worry about me, it’s not the first time I’ve stumbled, nor it will be my last.

Just gotta get up and keep on going.

“I’ve won and I’ve lost. One is not worth more value than another. Without experiencing both you’ll never know the true value of each other.” – Lolo Jones, USA Olympic Hurdler.

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