That picture and title (DNF – did not finish) just about sums up this decathlon for me. Mixed feelings about this one, but on to the videos and results first.

100m: 12.41s (PB), got a decent start but then found myself in a horrible position at about 50m mark. Somehow during races when I see others inching ahead I tense up and sink into a really low running position. Will work on my running drills and try to correct this.

Long Jump: 5.02m (PB), one of the least worked on event during our training. Only attempted a 12 stride run up, will aim to increase this to either 14 or 16 strides by the next decathlon to get a bit more speed into the jump.

Shot Put: 11.77m, good arm hit on the shot, but the timing of my active reverse is just fractionally too early. This results in the shot pushing me backwards because I’m in mid-air, rather than me pushing the shot forward against the ground.

High Jump: 1.66m, massive 9cm pb. Video is with Max’s parents, hopefully I’ll be able to grab it off them soon and upload it here. Finally getting the hang of how to high jump and I expect the height to be going up even more really soon.

400m: Went off as hard as I could and had a really good run down the first 60m, but as I passed the bend I felt a sharp twinge in my right hamstring and I knew I pulled it. I slowed down massively once it happened and the thought that maybe I should stop flashed through my head.

It’s so disappointing because the day went by so well right up to that point. I’ve already gotten 3 all-time pbs, 1 decathlon event pb (for the shot put) and I knew I was going to be running a pb time for the 400m with that start.

It was validation for all the training that I’ve done through the year and I just wanted to finish the race. Luckily when I slowed down and shortened my stride, it felt like I could go on as the pain died down so I just kept at that pace. Managed to get all the way round in 59.14s but knew it was going to be a long shot to be able to keep going for one more day.

I so badly wanted to finish the decathlon, but when I woke up the next morning having troubles walking and going down the stairs, I knew it was game over for me.

Updated the guys back at SAA (Singapore Athletics Association) about how the day went and James Wong (local discus throwing legend) replied:

“Really glad to hear that you are beginning to feel how to manage the Decathlon event and really hope to see you bloom n hit the 6000pts soon n guess what, our NR (national record) is not far away man.  Keep it up and I’m really looking forward to you breaking the record and hit 7000 points before you retire man.  Go for it.”

Kind words of encouragement but it also reminded me that it won’t be that long more before I retire. In fact to be realistic I would have about 5 decathlons left and that’s it (assuming of course that I remain fit and healthy). Heading home next year after my studies and I won’t be able to do this anymore (there aren’t any decathlons to compete in back home). And with hitting the ripe age of mid-20s, you start to realise if it doesn’t happen then it won’t happen already.

But oh well no point worrying about that now, gotta patch myself up and try to keep on going. Less than 4 weeks to the next decathlon and I hope my leg’s going to be alright for that. As the saying goes, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

Never Give Up.


  1. shiyang says:

    it ain’t over till it’s over. we’re all here to leave our mark in history. this is your prize man, take it – it’s yours!

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