It’s ok to Believe.

It’s BUCS again tomorrow, 11:00am qualifying, 6:05pm finals (British Summer Time).

After the week long break I had two short training sessions by myself (Max was still on holiday) and things aren’t exactly going as smoothly as planned (the cough I picked up last week also destroyed my lungs during the paced 400m runs).

Still can’t quite get the timing right for the shot put..

Whilst the javelin is sort of a disaster (haven’t done full run ups for a long time and I just could not get into a position to throw properly).

I remembered what I told myself many years ago when I was still a school boy competing in the national inter-schools back in Singapore when I had a bad training session right before a major competition.

Just because I had a bad throw today, it doesn’t mean I’m going to have a bad throw tomorrow, it doesn’t mean I’m going to have a bad throw next week. Heck just because I had a bad throw today, it doesn’t mean anything.

I looked through the entry list for BUCS, and though I am a last minute swap into the squad from Loughborough (two big throwers opted out for one reason or another), looking at the respective PBs of my competitors I know that if I hit one right, I’m strong enough and technically competent enough to get into the top 12 that makes it into the finals.

One big hit, that’s all I need.

Do check back on my twitter feed tomorrow to see what happens =)

It’s ok to believe…

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