On the Road: London

Just spent two days on the road in London.

Still exploring the technical and philosophical aspects photography (tried my hands on street photography as well during this trip). Tried to push myself beyond my usual style of photography and compose a picture of a friend to tell a little bit more about them and their story. Still a lot to learn and here are some of the street shots that I took along the way (once again captions are there if you hit full screen mode or head to my flickr site).

As mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve embarked on a personal project this week to travel around the country and take a few photographs of my Singaporean friends who would be graduating from their respective universities this summer. Here are a preview of some of the shots, will be publishing the full collection when it is complete.

Also big thanks to Kok Hong, the brilliant lad who let me crash at his apartment for a night in London. Do check out his blog here to see the inner workings of a brilliant mind. Much apologies to his roommate and housemates for disrupting their usual flow, thanks loads bro, owe ya one!

Next stop Nottingham.

Enjoy the week ahead!

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