Time for a little rest.

And time to hit the road again. Photo taken before the trip to Ibiza.

‘Sometimes in order to drive faster, you got to let your foot go of the accelerator.’ – Quote from one of the Initial D animation episodes.

So rest week started a little earlier than expected. Did not train today as I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a little feverish and with a horrible sore throat.

Think both Max and myself over trained a little these last few days. We knew we had a full rest week planned from tomorrow onwards so we decided to push ahead with double sessions daily right after our 400m race last Sunday.

This rest week will be an important one to allow the body to recover before we head straight into the actual competitive phase of our season, competing at Woodford as our first decathlon of the year (we’re planning to peak in June for the England Senior Meet).

I decided that I would use this week to travel around the country, visiting my Singaporean friends that I’ve made from the different Universities around the country and take a few photographs along the way as a personal project before everyone from my batch graduates.

It should be another good adventure to embark on and hopefully I can keep updating this blog with a few photographs I take along the way.

Have a good weekend ahead! =)


  1. all the way bro!

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