17 more days to Woodford.

Registration sent in, let's do this.

Sent in the registration form today for Woodford Green AC Combined Events Meeting 2011. One year has sure passed by quick since my last decathlon and now there are just 17 days to my next one.

Sometimes I look at my current results, and see that there is still such a big gap in my performance and there are just 17 more days to piece it together.

Sometimes I ask myself, whether I really should be still doing this.

Sometimes it feels like I’ve haven’t done enough, though looking back at my training diary I realise that I’ve never trained this much or this hard in my life.

Sometimes I get reminded about why I dropped out of OCS, with a jolt from my dodgy left knee or that damn dull ache from my lower back.

Sometimes I get down with a little self-doubt, but I realise it’s just my old self talking.

I’m done with you, time to keep moving forward.


  1. i’m no sportsman, but i like the attitude. time to leave my old tired self behind and move forward.

    • Yong Sheng says:

      been a good 3 years bro, time to move forward to a brighter future with a brand new ‘self’.

      See ya soon!

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