Charnwood AC Open Graded Warm Up Meeting 17/04/11

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Competed in an outdoor season opener today at the Loughborough track. Did the shot put, discus and 400m event. Pity that the 400m clashed with the shot put event as there was a huge delay in running of the field events. That left me rushing in the middle of the shot put event (after round 3) over to the starting line and ran the 400m (after a quick change of shoes of course) with no striding warm up at all.

Still the results are 31.72m for the discus, 11.78m for shot put and 57.61s for the 400m which is a PB for me. =)

Really got to work on the drive on the entry into the spin. Not getting any forward momentum to get the disc going forward. Still it was a consistent series for me and I’m happy as I have not been throwing well during training.

Now to throw any further I really have to work on staying low through the glide and activating the legs and hips quicker to catch the momentum going forward. Only did 3 throws before rushing off for the 400m.

Didn’t get the race filmed, but I felt I definitely could have ran the race better. Partly due to the lack of warm up strides before the run, I felt that I did not get a good drive phase off the blocks. At the end of 200m I remember being a little distracted as well, instead of focusing on the lane I was looking around the people standing near the track (I was at lane 8 the outer most lane). Though I must say all the 8x200s and 4x300s training have definitely paid off as going into the final 200m of the run I felt in good shape and my legs were turning over in good form still. Now I have to build a bit more speed in my run so that I can shave another few seconds off my 400 PB.

All in all it is a another good day at the track. It is good to know that the hard training is paying off and I’ve taken yet another small step in the correct direction. This competition also gave me and Max a clearer idea of what things we have to fine tune in the following weeks leading up to our first decathlon of the season.

One more hard week of training before a short break to let the body recover as we head into the competitive phase of our training.

Hope you guys are making good positive strides forward to whatever goals you are chasing and have a good week ahead! =)


  1. Welzl Nicolas says:

    Hey mate, nice pictures of Ibiza. Here is a picture that made me remember what you are doing(Second picture):

    If you never chase your dream you will never catch them.


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