Living the Dream.

Rights so I spent a major amount of time trying to figure out how to best show you the photos from the Ibiza trip. WordPress is not user-friendly in this sense when you’re trying to embed stuff from other sites to be played in your blog.

Thus I’ve resorted to just having my Flickr slideshow embedded here, but as I can’t get the captions to show (which helps to tell the story), the best way is for you to either hit the full screen button (bottom right of the embed) at the slideshows or click the link below each slideshow to jump to the slideshow at Flickr’s site itself.

Make sure you hit the options button on the upper right corner during the slideshow and tick the box that enables ‘Always show title and description’ and hit anywhere else on the screen to move on to the next photo.

I’ll let the pictures and captions speak for themselves now, enjoy! =)

Whoa! We’re going to Ibiza! (Day 1) Slideshow

Lboro 2 Ibiza (Day 2-3) Slideshow

Believe me I want to stay, but I’m going away. Thank you Ibiza =) (Day 4-6) Slideshow

And yes, we actually did make it to the evening news in Ibiza 😉

Finally just to add, since I’ve gotten back from Ibiza, I was contacted by someone from Singapore Athletics Association (SAA) asking me to submit my training and competition plans so that they can keep track of my performance and sanction me to compete under Singapore whilst I’m here in the UK.

And just like that, when I run, I run for Singapore now.


Living the dream, now make sure you go chase yours too.

p.s. small competition tomorrow at the school track, doing the 400m, shot put and discus events. Check my twitter feed from 2pm (GMT +1) for updates!

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