Because dreams do come true.

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What a trip.

It was so amazing that I’m really not sure how to express myself in one post. I took over 1200 photos on the trip and I’ve put a few on top here. But they really don’t do the trip justice and I’ll work to get it in a Flickr album so that I can better share it with you in a photo journal kind of way.

Now that I’m back in Loughborough I took a moment to reflect and I realised that I’m already living my dream.

6 years ago, when I injured my leg in the army and decided that I will get out of that rut and become a decathlete someday, never would I imagine that I would actually be traveling the world with elite athletes, training and enjoying ourselves whilst ending up on the news (I’ve actually recorded it down with my camera, will put it here soon). Seeing the world through my sport is really an amazing experience, the awesome people I’ve got to meet and know along the way truly made this journey amazing.

This short trip also made me realise that I have absolutely no regrets chasing this dream for the past 6 years of my life, and no matter what happens next I know that for now, I am truly happy. Also it made me that much more determine to give this one shot everything I have.

470 days left, let’s go for it.


Really wanted to share the video here because it is filmed in Ibiza and it totally captures the feeling I have. Do see if you can watch the video from youtube’s site itself!

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