Whoa! We’re going to Ibiza!

Whoa! We're going to Ibiza!

Ibiza 7/4/11 – 12/4/11 =)

Will be heading over to Ibiza tomorrow with a few of the guys from Loughborough. This easter break period is when many of the athletes here head to other places for a bit of warm weather training. For us we’re lucky enough to have Pete (Irish Hurdler) to have relatives in Ibiza and they have kindly offered to host us for the week!

I’ll only be staying for 4 days (flying off on the morning of the 12th) because Max won’t be going due to work commitments and I don’t want to miss the important sessions with him. But other than that Ibiza looks like it is going to be a blast!

We would be helping out with the coaching of the local track team and apparently the Lord Mayor of Ibiza wants to make a presentation with us and publish it in the local newspaper so that should be interesting haha.

I’m not sure about internet connectivity there that I can access easily, I will try to update my twitter feed if possible but definitely do check back after the 12th to see what the Ibiza trip was like!

This would be one of those moment that you realise you never know where chasing your dreams would take you would it? I still remember hearing the song ‘We’re going to Ibiza’ by Vengaboys when I was still a kid (song was released in ’99) and always wondered what Ibiza was like.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. =)

Whoa! We’re going to have a party, in the Mediterranean sea. 😉

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