On Being Perfect.

Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye, and know that you didn’t let them down.

Because you told them the truth, and that truth is that you did everything that you could, and that there isn’t one more thing that you could have done. Can you live in that moment the best you can, with clear eyes and love in your heart?

If you can do that gentlemen, then you’re perfect.

I want you to take a moment, and I want you to look each other in the eyes.

I want you to put each other in your heart forever, because forever is about to happen.

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Took a moment to reflect on where my training is going so far, and realised that it is April already and there isn’t that many more weeks to go before the next decathlon.

This last couple of weeks are going to be crucial for me, having to piece together everything in order to give it one good shot. Although I decided I will stay here in Loughborough to do my masters education and continue training for another year, I really can’t be certain of the future after this (my application has not gone through yet and who knows what else might happen).

At this age many of my friends back home already have or are about to hang up their spikes for good. Max was also telling me the other day that for him, after all these years, if it doesn’t happen this season then it’s not going to happen already.

He’s about 6 months older than me and I perfectly understand what he’s saying. I guess for myself I’m not too far off from that either. I’ve been more or less in track and field for 10 years already (though never really achieving much success), and in a certain sense this may be my last season as well.

Looking back and thinking about every single person that helped me along my way, my family, my friends and everyone that I have met on the track, I just hope that this last shot will be worthy of them. Worthy because I gave it everything and that there wasn’t one more thing that I could have done. That every single session, I pushed my limits, conquered my fears, used all the knowledge that was taught to me and overcame my inadequacies. And no matter what the results would be, I can hang up my spikes and live happy, knowing there are no more what if’s and I already have the perfect season behind me.

And thank you very much for your support reading my blog, leaving comments and dropping mails. In these 3 months it’s gotten past 3000 hits already and I hope you guys have an awesome time chasing your dreams. =)

Last rep of 4x300s into horrible head and side wind. Gave it everything but my calfs cramped and I could only jog finish.


  1. Clarence says:

    Know a funny thing? My hurdles training partner and I were thinking the exact same thing. Granted, we are a little younger than you are, but the feeling is the same. One last try. If it doesnt happen, well, thanks for the memories. I hope you do yourself proud.

    • Yong Sheng says:

      Well said my friend, at the end of it all, it’s about being able to look back and say thanks for the memories. I hope you do yourself proud too and see you in summer! =)

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