If There is a Wall, Break Through It.

‘If there is a wall, break through it.’ -Nicolas Welzl

Got through 6 hurdles (1m high, 6.7cm lower than the full men’s height ,put 2 foot in) today. If you read my recent post you will know that I have been crashing hurdles in the past two session.

Fear is a funny thing.

You tell yourself not to be afraid, but standing there on the starting line once again look down at the first hurdle, the images of the crash inevitable just creeps up and you feel your mind tightening up, as if it is trying to protect itself.

However the reality is, you got to fully commit to it and run down the straight anyway. Flash of self-doubt and you will crash. Life sometimes is counter-intuitive in that way.

One thing I love about decathlon, is that it still pushes me to face fear almost every single day.

It’s about facing it, and getting over it, just like the hurdles.

Now I got to learn to really attack it and run with a good rhythm in between.

Progress is a lovely thing.

When’s the last time you’ve been afraid?


  1. Book-marked, I really like your blog! 🙂

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