We’re All In This Together.

Note: Rights so both videos are blocked from being embedded into the site, but they still play on youtube itself, so do click the link to check it out!

Thought I’d share with you guys a photo/video slideshow that I made for UKSSC (United Kingdom Singapore Student’s Council). We had a dinner last Saturday at Birmingham for all the Singapore student leaders studying in universities all around the UK.

What’s so brilliant about this was that two years ago, the UKSSC was really a shell of an organisation and my batch of student leaders decided to come together and start building a community. Looking back I must say that being involved in this movement definitely enriched my time here in the UK and also allowed me to feel a lot more connected back home.

I was the spare photographer for the event and will try to get the pictures up on Flickr once I figure out how to use it effectively so that you guys can have  a look as well. I haven’t blogged about photography yet, but I sure am finding myself falling in love with it. I bought a Canon 60D when I was back in Singapore during the CNY period with the intention of taking better photographs and share them on my blog, but somehow I find myself enjoying the learning process and taking photographs tremendously.

To me taking a photo is like capturing a slice of life, storing it and keeping it for later to reminisce. There’s something magical about photographs because that moment would never come back again and the photograph would be the only evidence to that it existed.

I will blog about photography soon to share about what I’ve learnt and in the meantime, do enjoy the following awesome video as well. That is where I got the inspiration (ok so maybe I copied the front bit) for the UKSSC video.

Have a good week ahead!

We’re all in this together.

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