Everybody crashes…

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I hit a hurdle hard today, crashed to the floor face forward and got quite a few cuts and bruises.

My run up is changing constantly due to improvements to my running technique, but what then happened was that my first 8 strides caused me to be too close to the first hurdle, and a moment of hesitation caused me to half attack/half think of bailing. Before I know it, I was sliding forward on the track with my torso and my chin feeling the rough texture of the rubberized track.

Everybody hits hurdles, and once in a while, you will get a spectacular crash. It’s then about being able to get back up and keep on going that separates out the field.

I was lucky to escape without any serious injury, so I put the hurdle back up, took a short break and went for it again.

This vid quite a few runs after the crash, but as you can see I was still a little shaken by it and wasn’t attacking the hurdles properly. It is frustrating, but I guess I got to keep on trying to improve, no easy way out here.

Pole vault session after didn’t go well so my coach asked me to shorten the session, I guess there’s only that much you can push before you’re being stupid. It’s always this fine line about pushing yourself and injuring yourself, and I guess I had to put my wise head on now. Have to patch up my wounds for the day and hopefully be able to run those 300s tomorrow.

Got to remember to take it one step at a time, and keep moving forward.

Get up, keep moving.

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