North East Championships Open Indoor Pentathlon 13th March 2011 (cont.)

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As mentioned in my earlier post, all in all it was a great learning experience and a small positive step forward. This competition was meant to be a yardstick to get a sense of how our training has been going and so far it has proven to be moving in the correct direction.

Max got a PB for his high jump too so that’s definitely a good sign, though his other events didn’t go quite according to plan.

I’ve reflected on my performance and reviewed the videos, coming to a conclusion I definitely have to step it up in certain areas if I want to achieve my goals this year. A lot of it is about learning the core competencies required to successfully complete the event with the proper technique, about learning to execute and perform in a competition scenario. I have identified the key aspects I have to work on and will be tweaking my training accordingly.

I guess the same formula applies to anything you want to do with your life. You plan for it, try it, and if it doesn’t work, reflect, then change the plan accordingly and try again.

However I did notice throughout the competition I kept thinking about coming in last place once again due to my inexperience and guess what, I did. Of the 5 events yesterday (with a total of 5 competitors), I came in dead last for 3 events, tied last for 1 event and 2nd for 1 event. I know I have to be realistic about my current abilities, but this is definitely not the mind-set I should have ingrained into me. After all, if I’m in it, I might as well be in it to win it.

I hate flies in my soup and I’m tired of coming in last place.

Time to get my game face on.

Bring it.


  1. YO! Keep going, Looking good.. 1 more year to work the magic. Nice commentary!

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