North East Championships Open Indoor Pentathlon 13th March 2011

Right, am rather tired so I’ll do a quick post now with the results and some videos (will update it again with more details tomorrow). Am trying to get the photos on Flickr up but realised that I’m not too familar with how to use it. So the result:

60m HUR 11.06 359 PB
Shot Put 11.66 586
High Jump 1.57 441 PB
Long Jump 4.14 229
60m 7.82 613 PB
Total 2228

Basically for hurdles it was my first ever 60m indoor hurdles race thus despite the poor result it is still my PB. All in all, it was a great learning experience and a small positive step forward.

I’m on the left most lane viewed from this video. Didn’t get through the first hurdle with enough speed and that left me doing 5 strides throughout and a slow slow time.

After the disappointing hurdles, I tried too hard to get a good shot throw. 1st attempt at 11.66m, 2nd and third looked like this with me falling out of the circle.

High jump small pb 1.57m. Still got a long way to go to get this event right though, but still happy about the small improvement, especially considering that last monday I couldn’t even get over 1.45m during practice.

Definitely did not go well. First time trying 14 stride take off and as you can see I became way too hesitant with my running and it became a long stride instead of a long jump.

Didn’t get a video of the 60m run though. Had a great start, was in line with the rest of the runner up to around 25m, which then moves into the acceleration phase of the run which I still haven’t quite figured out yet. Thus was left behind then, but still I got a small pb over my last attempt at a 60m run.


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