Injecting a Little Fun into Life!

Fun can obviously change behaviour for the better.

Was shown this during an Exercise Psychology lecture today. The topic was about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how it affects people. Pretty interesting won’t you say?

Well that goes to show how important it is to actually enjoy what we’re doing, especially that which we’re trying to get good at, be it work, studies, art or for someone like me, sports.

Had a double session today, with weights in the morning and a long evening session that consisted of hurdles, long jump, discus and a core circuit session. Absolutely enjoyed it because of the great company I had with me and I genuinely enjoyed learning and doing what I’m doing.

Training wise I’ve made another breakthrough today. Successfully cleared 4 hurdles in a row (at 1m height, 1 foot setback from race distance) using the 3 stride technique from block starts. This might not seem much, but as Sunday’s pentathlon approaches it is very important that I get it right (1st event is the 60m hurdles) and successfully complete the pentathlon with a good score.

Things left I have to prepare before Sunday would to get an 8 stride run up mark for high jump, 14 stride run up mark for the long jump and run some hurdles at full height (1.067) from blocks.

6 more days to go, let’s inject a little fun into this shall we? =D

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