Learn to smile.

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It’s good to be home.

Ran to the beach and watched the sun come up.

What a wonderful sight, along with all the people enjoying themselves.

One interesting observation as I ran, was that almost all the foreigners that I passed by smiled and some greeted, whilst 90% of the locals didn’t. I guess I’m used to smiling and acknowledging everyone that passes me by, back in Loughborough when you run by the canal almost everyone would greet you and give a friendly hello.

So lighten my dear Singaporean friends, don’t look so grumpy when you run. Acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of movement and each other, smile a little more and I think that would instantly make this place a more beautiful one.

The next time you go out for a jog, make it a point to just look someone in the eye and give a friendly smile.

Who knows on the other side, it just might be me. =)

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