On being a Student-Athlete.

Mind Maps

MindMaps for my exam tomorrow. Click to enlarge.

2 more exams to go, one tomorrow and one more on Thursday.

The hardest part about being a student athlete is the student bit of it, haha. I must admit after all these years I keep telling myself that for subsequent exams, I will not leave it to the last-minute to revise, but somehow on the day before any exam I find myself in the exact same situation.

Ah well, get on with it. Training load has been reduced to one session a day to accommodate for the exam period, am super looking forward to Thursday as I get to fly home after my last paper.

See you back in Singapore! =)


  1. haha first time dropping by since we last met! your mindmaps look amazing! i used to take so long to create them, haha! did they work well for you?

    saw that you are over-qualified for business studies? why dont you try something completely unexpected? (that would be so you!) go on and surprise yourself! 🙂

    take care ya!

    • hey! haha the mindmaps worked as much they could for two days of studying for an exam. Results came out, nothing fantastic, but hey at least it got me through 😉

      Yeah, I gotta come up with another plan going forward. Haha, completely unexpected? We’ll see about that. Anyway you take care too! =)

  2. Welzl Nicolas says:

    Buzan’s the man. Oh yeah.

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