Loughborough 2nd Indoor Open Meet 22/01/11

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First competition of 2011!

So how did it go? Well, mixed feelings on this one, but all in all, it was a great day at the track. Results are:

60m: 7.87s (First ever 60m run, so I guess in a way it was kinda a PB mark. Was aiming to go under 7.8 though, but slow slow time nevertheless.)

Shot Put: 12.02m PB! =)!

Just before my 60m event though, I realised I brought my high jump spikes instead of my sprint spikes.


Guess that is a lesson learnt and I shall fall back on my army training in the future to do a ‘everything out, everything in’ check through my equipment before any competition.

Luckily I managed to borrow a pair of spikes from my mate (Thanks loads Max!) and got on with it. Didn’t feel quite right though and so I messed up my start by not driving out properly (Somehow the shoes felt like it was going to drop off every stride though I tightened the laces fully).

I rushed to cycle back home after the shot put event and got my spikes, rushed back towards the track hoping to be in time for the second race.

Running in my own spikes felt so much better. I got a good start this time but I didn’t seem to be able to get any speed in (must have been due to the 20min cycle), managed to finish 3rd out of 6 for that heat but with a slower time compared to my first race (7.89s).

I must say I was never a quick sprinter (the fastest time of the day was a more than a whole second quicker than me), but I was still pleased that my ankle held up and looking through the video it seems that I got to work on my running posture and things will get massively better. These points are noted and will be worked on during training.

As for the shot, I finally threw over 12m! 2nd out of 4 in the group, lost to another decathlete but beat one other decathlete.

The last time I threw over 12 was about 5 years ago when the only event I did was the shot (and even then it was a one off incident). Was pretty consistent this time with another two throws at 11.99m and 11.83m. Still, a lot more to work for my technique, but it’s definitely moving in the right direction!

Below are the video of my first 60m race and the PB shot throw (2nd race was not filmed as the batt died on the camera.)

Thank you everyone for your support and enjoy!

Thanks Pete for filming and the commentary. No I’m not representing Singapore, just a regular student at LSAC, and also no this is not Lougborough International. And thanks Dani! Will run 7.1, just maybe next season and not this haha.

(The shot weighs 7.26kg btw)


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